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I started my martial arts journey when I was 13 when I did a summer course of Taikwondo. I did this for 6 months but had to stop as there was no local school to practice.

When I was 18 I took up Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu in which I attained a black belt. This martial art has always been associated with Ninjas though it is much more than just Ninjutsu, It is comprised of 9 schools based on both Samurai (hence Budō meaning martial way) and Ninja schools.

The martial art primarily focused on Taijutsu (body movement/skills) which involved punches, kicks and locks along with leaping, rolls and breakfalls. The movements learnt using Taijutsu were used in the other side of the art which was weapons training. We primarily trained in sword and bo staff though I did also learn a little kyoketsu-shoge (chain and sickle).

I also did some freerunning using the skills I learnt in Taijutsu. I became a fan of this art after watching the documentary Jump Britain and started watching anything with the art in including Casino Royale and Banlieue 13 (District 13). I love this art and it's predecessor, Parkour, as it allowed the practitioner to move effectively from one point to another while showing off their own individuality.

I started at the JBBBA in July 2017 after my daughter started and was impressed with what I saw after her 1st grading. I love the different styles and I am now working towards my next black belt. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and hope to one day take more classes.

Andrew Baldock

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